Alarm Monitoring Services

How does the alarm work?

Your alarm system has a “dialer” incorporated into the main circuit board, that connects to your phone line and “dials” the central alarm monitoring station (central station) and communicates with the central station computers. The alarm control sends signals to the central station computers which identify the specific location of the alarm system (or the protected premise), the nature of the alarm (burglary, fire, panic, duress…) and the location of the problem (front door, basement motion detector, attic smoke detector…).

What happens at the central station?

After the information has been received from the (alarm system), the central station computer brings up the information along with the appropriate police, fire and medical departments to the central station operator’s dispatch terminal. The operator also has the instructions for how to handle each individual situation that can occur with the alarm system.

Customized responses could include notifying a guard company, paging the home owner, or only notifying the emergency call list and not the police.

Alarm monitoring with today’s burglar and fire alarm controls gives the central station a great amount of information if you contact Home Concierge concerning the status of the alarm. Customization of response through the central station operator allows the premise owner the greatest ability to control access and security for their property and loved ones.

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