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Standpipe Hydrostatic Testing (5year)

As part of NFPA 25 the five-year test requires a number of inspection, test and maintenance steps, but we’re focusing specifically on your work with our team on the testing of the standpipe itself.

Dry Standpipes. An air test at 25 PSI is to be conducted prior to flowing the system with water. (NFPA 25 6.3). Pressure over 25 PSI is not recommended due to the the potential for damage should any components of the plumbing fail. (Wet systems do not require this, as any leaks are evident by the presence of water. Note that NFPA 25 does not have an established allowable leakage rate, rather, it is subject to the judgement and experience of the fire protection contractor to determine if leakage should halt further testing until repairs are made.