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Prevent fires before they start with Fire Solutions NW

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Ensure Your Building’s Safety with Our Expert Fire Protection Services

Fire Solutions NW is a fire protection and life safety company with over 60 years of combined service. Our team specializes inspecting, testing, repair, and installation to insure you, your family, and the rest of the nation are safe and have peace of mind. Our team has the highest commitment to customer safety and satisfaction.

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Fire Extinguishers Repairs & Services

The National Fire Protection Association’s “NFPA 10,” ......

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Fire Sprinklers Inspection & Repairs

Start dowsing fires before the fire department arrives.....

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Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing

We are equipped to meet the rigorous requirements of most of today’s complex fire alarm systems..

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Alarm Monitoring Services

Your alarm system has a “dialer” incorporated into the main circuit board,...

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CCTV Surveillance Installation

By its very definition, visual surveillance is the ultimate security tool, allowing..

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Special Hazard Suppression

In some cases, conventional fire suppression methods can cause..

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