fire sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers Inspection & Repairs

Start dowsing fires before the fire department arrives. Even if the fire department is just minutes from your business, a fire can spread with startling speed. An approved, well-maintained sprinkler system can help slow down a fire’s progress until emergency personnel arrive.

Fire Solutions NW trained and licensed technicians install, test and maintain your sprinkler system to comply with NFPA standards by vetted professionals, as well as federal, state and local codes specific to your business.

Fire Solutions NW Service includes:

  • Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Foam-Water Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Private Fire Service Mains (Hydrants)

Regulatory Requirements

NFPA 25 — Standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
The three basic requirements for compliance are:

  • Inspection of the System and Components
  • Testing and Maintenance at Prescribed Intervals
  • Record Keeping

Get the drop on fires before they can put you out of business.

Contact us and a Fire Solutions NW representative will do a no-obligation assessment of your facility and recommend the most effective sprinkler system for your facility. Even if your sprinkler system was not installed by Fire Solutions NW, we can offer a maintenance program for you.