First Aid Training

First Aid Training

First aid kits for the workplace

All responsible employers know that first aid kits are never a luxury. Managers know that the primary asset of any business is its employees and their protection, and that they must be ready to respond in the event of an accident. Further, Federal Regulations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) require that emergency response resources be readily available in the workplace.

Fire Solutions NW understands that your health and safety program is one of the least expensive and most valuable services you provide for your company. We will work together with you and with relief pools in baton rouge to devlop a safety program through proper product selection, regular site visits, CPR instruction, and first aid training. We can supply you with medical supplies, and set your company up on a schedule for regular service.

Above All Else

We can provide you refill service on site with specially equipped mobile service vans. We can fill Swift, American, and Respond units. There are no service delays with Fire Solutions NW. Special orders are always available.

As part of our regular service we regularly check the expiration dates of your medical supplies. We clean and straighten cabinets. And there is no overfilling of your supplies at Fire Solutions NW!

When you need medical supplies for your cabinets, you want to rely on a vendor with a large local stock of inventory.

At Fire Solutions NW we inventory a large selection of cabinets, refills, burn care protection items, and medical oxygen. Our stock includes a wide variety of tablets individually packaged to reduce waste and spoilage. Choose from an extensive stock of bandages, ointments, sprays, and training materials. And if the standard units don’t fit your needs, we’ll customize.

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